Maitiú Charleton.

Maitiú joined Mulcahy Sweeney Literary Agency, the book division of MMB Creative in 2022 while he was finishing his LLB in Law and Political Science at Trinity College Dublin.

Maitiú is a Dublin Gaeilgóir, and grew up in the debating circuits of Dublin, eventually graduating from arguing to presenting and journalism, firstly on Quarantine FM, which he helped run under his sister Anna-Rose during Lockdown, then on BLOC TG4 and eventually for Determined in his conviction for culture, he began to work behind the scenes on projects for TG4 and in August 2022 set up his own literary magazine with his friend Anna Waters, Cc: Zine after gaining some success in various publications with his own short stories and poetry.

He grew up on an eclectic mixture of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture media, finding as much artistic merit in the plotline of a good Charli XCX song, or narrative 8-bit flash game as in a Plath poem.

His largest flaw is his ambivalence towards domesticated pets. They’re simply fur covered sacks of bones like ourselves, no? Or maybe not.

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