Edge of Here

Kelechi Okafor / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher


Date Published

September 14th, 2023

Enter a world very close to our own…

One in which technology can allow you to explore an alternate love-life with a stranger.

A world where you can experience the emotions of another person through a chip implanted in your brain.

And one where you can view snippets of a distant relative’s life with a little help from your DNA.

But remember: these experiences will not be without consequences…

In this stunning debut collection, Kelechi Okafor combines the ancient and the ultramodern to explore tales of contemporary Black womanhood, asking questions about the way we live now and offering a glimpse into our near future.

Uplifting, thought-provoking, sometimes chilling, these are tales rooted in the recognisable, but not limited by the boundaries of our current reality-where truth can meet imagination and spirituality in unexpected ways.

Allow yourself to be taken on a journey into worlds that are blazing with possibility, through stories that will lead you right up to the Edge of Here…


Kelechi's words offer laser like accuracy and her stories penetrate straight into the areas that are missed in our lives due to the busyness of the everyday and their distractions. A must read for the hopeful!

- Lavinya Stennett

Finally, a new era of sci-fi is upon us. EoH takes you to an alternate & future universe that is strangely also very familiar and current. Simultaneously deep and casual, Kelechi has crafted quite a collection - for these times & times to come.

- Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon

Okafor's writing is bold and beautiful. Written with verve and heart, the stories are as incisive as they are thought provoking. In story after story, Okafor demonstrates an imagination that is not afraid to explore difficult questions.This is a book we need right now.

- Chika Unigwe

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