The Rules of Revelation

Lisa McInerney / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

John Murray

Date Published

May 13th, 2021


Ireland. Great nationalists, bad mothers and a whole lot of secrets. Ryan Cusack is ready to deliver its soundtrack.

Former sex-worker Georgie wants the truth about Ryan’s past out there but the journalist has her own agenda.

Mel returns from Brexit Britain, ill-equipped to deal with the resurgence of a family scandal.

Karine has always been sure of herself, till a terrible secret tugs the rug from under her.

Maureen has got wind that things are changing, and if anyone’s telling the story she wants to make sure it’s her.

A riotous blast of sex, scandal, obsession, love, feminism, gender, music, class and transgression from an author with tremendous, singular talent.


*featured in 21 Books for 2021*

- The Irish Examiner

*featured in Books To Look Out For In 2021*

- The Irish Times

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