The Unforgetting

Rose Black / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher


Date Published

January 9th, 2020

Her fate was decided. Her death was foretold. Her past is about to be unforgotten…

1851. When Lily Bell is sold by her father to a ‘Professor of Ghosts’ to settle a bad debt, she dreams of finding fame on the London stage. But Erasmus Salt wants Lilly not as an actress, but as his very own ghost – the heart of his elaborate illusion for those desperate for a glimpse of the spirit world . . .

Obsessed with perfection, Erasmus goes to extreme lengths to ensure his illusion is realistic. When Lily comes across her own obituary in the paper, and then her headstones in the cemetery, she realises that she is trapped, her own parents think she is dead, and that her fate is soon to become even darker . . .

A spellbinding story of obsession, the lure of fame, and the power of illusion.


This haunting Victorian novel weaves a spellbinding web of deluded dreams and dark deceptions

- Essie Fox

A sinister, fast paced gothic tale

- Caitlin Davies, author of Daisy Belle

Evocative and atmospheric, The Unforgetting is a macabre tale of dark obsessions and deadly ambitions, where nothing is quite what it seems.

- Anita Frank, author of The Lost Ones

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