The World Between Us

Sarah Ann Juckes / Young Adult / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher


Date Published

March 4th, 2021


Italian (Rizzoli)
German (CBJ RandomHouse)

With shades of ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES and FIVE FEET APART, THE WORLD BETWEEN US is a powerful and thought-provoking story about falling in love and what it really means to Live.

Alice may be bed-bound, but that doesn’t stop her from Living. Every day, she logs into Stream Cast and becomes part of the world by watching other people Live wonderful and exciting lives.

But when one of the streamers is killed in a cycle accident, Alice is introduced to a new streamer.

Rowan sees beauty in the everyday, allows her to take over his body and really Live for the first time in years. But Rowan too has troubles that mean he’s less than comfortable in his own skin.

As Alice and Rowan build a bigger and more beautiful world together, outside forces threaten to bring this new world to an end.

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