Sarah Painter.

Author / Podcaster

Sarah Painter is the bestselling author of contemporary fiction with a touch of magic including The Language of Spells and The Secrets of Ghosts. Her latest novel, In The Light of What We See, mixes historical fiction with psychological thriller.

Sarah’s latest work is the Crow Investigations, an exciting new paranormal mystery series comprised of the following four wondrous books: The Night Raven, The Fox’s Curse, The Silver Mark and The Pearl King.

Before writing novels, Sarah worked as a freelance magazine journalist, blogger and editor, combining this ‘career’ with amateur child-wrangling (AKA motherhood).

Sarah lives in rural Scotland with her children, husband, and a grey tabby called Zelda Kitzgerald. She drinks too much tea, loves the work of Joss Whedon, and is the proud owner of a writing shed.

Sarah has a podcast called “The Worried Writer” where she gives tips and interviews published authors in order to help other writers overcome their self doubt, fear and procrastination – listen here.

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