Selom Sunu.

Author / Illustrator




Agent: Sallyanne Sweeney

Selom is a London-based Illustrator and Character Designer who enjoys the thrill of bringing characters to life.

These days he is rarely seen without a sketchbook on his person, but there was an eight-year period where he did not draw at all after being disillusioned with Art education and discouraged from drawing cartoons.

In 2013, Selom was inspired to draw again which led him to take courses to improve his skills, culminating in an Animation Masters at Central Saint Martins which he graduated from in 2016.

Since then he has provided animation and concepts for various projects including the Headspace meditation app, TV series pitches and short films. His debut in publishing was the cover of New York Times best-seller ‘Ghost’ by Jason Reynolds, the first of four titles in the Run Club series and he is looking forward to more work on books.

Aside from work, Selom is also a devoted Christian, husband and father with a love for football and board games.

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