Simon Kane.

Actor / Scriptwriter


As a writer Simon Kane has contributed to award-winning works in theatre, television and radio. His credits include three series of the Bafta Award-winning “That Mitchell and Webb Look” on BBC2, and four of the Sony Silver Award-winning “That Mitchell and Webb Sound” as well as “Laurence and Gus:Hearts and Minds”, “Before They Were Famous” and his forthcoming solo project “Time Spanner” all for Radio 4.

As an associate artist with the ground-breaking immersive theatre collective Shunt, Simon co-wrote The Boy Who Climbed Out Of His Face, Money, Amato Saltone, The Tennis Show and the Time Out Award-winning Dance Bear Dance – chosen by Nicholas Hytner as his theatrical highlight of 2003.

Simon’s solo writing for the stage includes a prequel to Othello: Iago’s Little Book of Calm, the children’s show Princess Plimsole, and his ongoing one-man entertainment Jonah Non Grata, whose appearance at the Shunt Vaults was chosen by Andy Field as one of his picks of 2008 in The Guardian, and was described by the playwright Chris Goode as “one of the half dozen greatest solo shows I have ever witnessed.” Not a lot of people saw that though.

Simon continues to work on fantasies and high-concept low-comedy in all mediums that will let him.

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