Ivan Mulcahy.



Ivan Mulcahy is originally from Dublin. Long based in London, he travels often between the UK and Ireland. His first career was spent with media giant Reuters, where he held senior management roles in London, New York, Stockholm and Dublin. In 2002, twenty years into that life, he made a radical career change, setting up his London-based literary agency. Entering publishing was motivated simply by a love of books. He has never for one instant regretted it.

Ivan helps public figures make their autobiographies or memoirs into bestsellers. He has a strong list of experts, across many different fields, whose books have become bestsellers. He also enjoys working on subject-led non-fiction books with successful people who bring a deep knowledge, an original perspective and a strong public reputation.

These books can be on any topic under the sun because Ivan enjoys learning from his writers. His authors have written major bestsellers on, for example, economics, food, history, fashion, human relationships and have been sold in dozens of countries. He has a great love of literature and is proud to help some exceptional writers build their literary careers and win prizes. In March 2024, Ivan was shortlisted for Literary Agent of the Year by the Bookseller.

Recently he has begun to represent crime writers. Some of his book authors are also scriptwriters for film and TV and he loves finding and negotiating those deals too.

You can read Ivan’s regular blog for writers about the book industry here.

See Ivan’s interview with the Irish Times in February 2015.

In the 1990s, he once stayed up all night and partied with [INSERT ROCK STAR’S NAME HERE].

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