Juno Dawson / Children's / Fiction

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UK Publisher

Quercus Children's Books


Hachette Livre (French)
Carlsen (German)
Newton & Compton (Italian)
Vigmostad & Bjorke (Swedish)
Urano (Spanish)
Grupo Saida de Emergencia (Portuguese)

By award-winning author Juno Dawson, perfect for fans of Orange is the New Black.

We found love in a hopeless place … A razor-sharp novel about one girl’s rise from the lows of heroin addiction. Can she ever learn to love herself?

Meet the patients of the Clarity Centre: Kendall, the trans anorexic model-wannabe, vicodin addict Saif, OCD hoarder Guy, over-eater Ruby, washed-up reality TV survivor Brady, and last but definitely not least, spoiled heiress Lexi Volkov.

Lexi hit rock bottom. After almost overdosing in a penthouse suite her brother stages an intervention and takes her to the Clarity Centre, an island facility for troubled young people.

After a gruelling and painful detox, Lexi enters group therapy and meets her fellow ‘inmates’. Through her therapy sessions and the Clarity Centre’s Ten Steps Programme, Lexi gradually opens up about her fractured childhood, destructive relationships and the dark secret she has been running from.

But it’s her new friendships that most make Lexi re-evaluate the path she’s on. Stripped of her status, Lexi is free to laugh, dance, share and feel. For the first time ever, Lexi has true friends and finds herself powerfully drawn to Brady.

But with the demons both Lexi and Brady need to overcome, is a relationship even possible?

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