Juno Dawson / Fiction / Young Adult

Book cover

UK Publisher

Quercus Children's Books

Date Published

May 28th, 2020


Gummerus (Finnish)

Dramatic Rights

The Lighthouse

What happens when you fall down the rabbit hole? The compulsive must-have follow-up to CLEAN and MEAT MARKET from bestselling author Juno Dawson

Alice lives in a world of stifling privilege and luxury – but none of it means anything when your own head plays tricks on your reality. When her troubled friend Bunny goes missing, Alice becomes obsessed with finding her. On the trail of her last movements, Alice discovers a mysterious invitation to ‘Wonderland’: the party to end all parties – three days of hedonistic excess to which only the elite are welcome.

Will she find Bunny there? Or is this really a case of finding herself? Because Alice has secrets of her own, and ruthless socialite queen Paisley Hart is determined to uncover them, whatever it takes.

Alice is all alone, miles from home and without her essential medication. She can trust no-one, least of all herself, and now she has a new enemy who wants her head…

A searing exploration of mental health, gender and privilege, from the most addictive YA novelist in the UK today.


The ‘Queen of Teen’ has written a trans Alice in Wonderland, full of cocaine, cosmetics and the sexually abusive Tweedle twins. She talks about taboos, tattoos – and dating terrible men.

- The Guardian

Juno Dawson, one of the most popular young adult writers at work today, offers a modern day reworking of Lewis Carroll's classic.

- The Irish Independent

So fun and the perfect escapism, I loved it.

- Fearne Cotton, in an interview with Red

This new novel is like Euphoria, Skins and Gossip Girl rolled into one...
a deliciously debauched retelling of Lewis Carroll’s beloved 1865 classic, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

- Stylist

An addictive and immersive read.

- The Scotsman

Quick, pacy and fun.

- @LadiesLitSquad on Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, my new novel – Wonderland – was reviewed in the Guardian and Mumsnet forums went into meltdown over my transgender version of Alice.

- Juno herself on HuffPost

Stylish, clever and explicit.

- The Independent

Like Gossip Girl on speed.

- Louise O'Neill on The Irish Examiner

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