Abigayle André.


Abigayle André is an automotive journalist, content creator and presenter, better known as ‘She Talks Cars’. She started her car career 11 years ago at Volkswagen Group Customer Services HQ, solving complaints for Volkswagen and Audi customers.

Two years ago, she started sharing her industry knowledge across her social channels with a mission to empower British drivers and has helped many members of the British public to save money and choose the right car for them. She is a well-trusted source on social media and within the car industry for all things car related; from car buying advice, to going electric and saving money on motoring expenses. 

Her foray into the world of social media started accidentally. During COVID she experienced issues with her own car which led her to receiving a stream of courtesy cars, in a time where the public were unable to test a car or visit a showroom. This sparked an idea to review cars on YouTube to help those who needed to buy a car but couldn’t access a showroom due to lockdown rules. 

From there she began her TikTok channel where she focused on creating content that helped people understand car finance, the different types and how to save money on car insurance. 

Since starting her Tiktok channel two years ago, she has amassed a large engaged audience of over 122,000 followers and counting, with an average monthly viewership of over 2.5 million views per month. She appears on the Channel 5 feature programme ‘30 ways to save on bills’ where she speaks exclusively about how to save money on motoring. 

Abigayle’s videos are often featured by the national press and used to create articles to help motorists. She has featured in The Sun, Lad Bible and The Daily Express and co-presents a new car-focused TV series which launches this year on a national TV Channel.

Abigayle is currently writing a no-BS, easy to understand car book that encompasses all of her car knowledge. The aim of the book is to help people avoid the pitfalls of motoring, choose the right car and understand how to save money on motoring expenses… offline!

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