Bronwen Roscoe.

Agent: Sallyanne Sweeney

Bronwen Roscoe is a writer, public policy specialist and former board adviser to five BBC chairmen. She started her career as a journalist, writing about the treatment of women in the criminal justice system, before working for the BBC for over 10 years. Bronwen has an MBA from Henley Business School, a master’s degree in legal and political theory from University College London and is NCTJ qualified. Bronwen is a previous Undiscovered Voices finalist and has just completed her first book, based on the true story of an army of domestic robots that take over the world.

Based on the author’s zero experience of these matters, the book is an in-depth study of the technological singularity, a hypothetical future point at which advances in artificial intelligence become uncontrollable and irreversible. While some commentators fear major risks, such as the erosion of democracy, widespread misinformation, and deadly autonomous weapons, Bronwen believes that AI has the potential to transform our world for the better, like elasticated waistbands and Deliveroo.

Bronwen lives in Surrey with her three sons and a cat.

The robots definitely did exist.

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