Daniel Cohen.

Author / Director / Scriptwriter



Agent: Marc Simonsson

As a production company runner Daniel secretly photocopied a script that came in for the owner.

Daniel secretly wrote a treatment for it and presented it to his boss.

The treatment was well received and subsequently sent to the advertising agency as if it came from the intended recipient.

The agency loved the work and offered his boss the job.

He came clean and told them that it was actually a young office runner who would love to direct the commercial. They agreed! The ad won Creative Circle’s best newcomer award. Daniel’s career as a director began.

Quickly, he became one of the most prolific directors in London and established himself as a leader in the field of animation, which led to the successful relationship with the world leading, Aardman Animations.

He has directed groundbreaking work for global brands such as Unilever, Sprite & Toshiba, picking up ADDYS and BTAA awards along the way.

With his continued commercial work, Daniel has also written and is developing a unique animated short about a childrens book Prince who doesn’t feel he deserves the role and sets off to find his real purpose…
One look at the wonderful worlds in Daniel’s work and you can tell everything about him – a true filmmaker of witty craft and pure imagination . . .

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