Felicity Everett.



Agent: Sallyanne Sweeney

Felicity Everett is a proud Mancunian who has been exiled to many cities including London and Melbourne and is now co-existing uneasily with nature in The Cotswolds. When invited on Twitter recently to state some of the recurring elements in her writing she cited: family dysfunction; thwarted ambition; doomed romance.

She has published four novels.

The Story of Us (Cornerstone Digital) chronicles an intense and treacherous student flat-share in the 1980s.

The People at Number Nine (HQ) explores what happens when an impressionable couple get a bit too close to their glamorous new neighbours.

The Move (HQ) deals with the fallout when a troubled couple seek balm for their marriage in a sinister countryside.

Old Friends (published by HQ in March 2022) sees two couples move into a glamorous warehouse apartment together for the best of reasons with the worst of consequences.

Felicity is currently working on The One Where, a novel exploring the intergenerational relationship between a has-been script-writing tutor and his talented amanuensis.

Read Felicity’s article for the Sunday Post here


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