Geraldine Roberts.


Geraldine Roberts is an historian and author with a focus on the glitzy Regency era. She writes about the achievements of real women, trawling through letters and diaries to uncover remarkable true stories from the past. Her first book, published by Pan Macmillan, was The Times Book of the Week and earned glowing reviews in the Observer, Daily Mirror, Country Life and BBC History Magazine

The Angel and The Cad tells the true story of a high society scandal that gripped the public and culminated in a landmark court case. Catherine Tylney Long was the richest heiress in Regency Britain – her husband was a notorious libertine. The celebrity couple lived like royalty at Wanstead House, keeping the nation enthralled with the shocking twists and turns of their marriage.

Geraldine is currently editing her next book about Lady Mary Bagot, who caused such a scandal in Regency high society; she was banished to the wilds of Washington City to serve penance as an informal British ambassador. Against all odds she proved to be a remarkable diplomat, charming the ‘Yankee rebels’, and playing a key role in soothing Anglo-American relations.

Geraldine lives in East London and has a Master’s Degree in History (with distinction) from Queen Mary University of London, plus a Foundation in Performing Arts from The City Literature Institute (City Lit). She is a member of a theatre improvisation group that meets once a week to create scenes, sketches and short plays.

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