Grace Kingswell.




Grace is a Nutritional Therapist with a key focus around gut health and fertility. Her functional medicine, health and nutrition podcast State of Mind regularly appears in the Apple top charts and fearlessly dispels wellness jargon and misinformation in search of optimum health. Her oat milk take-down ‘broke’ her instagram (@gracekingswell) and firmly put State of Mind on the map. As well as also coming after the nation’s favourite breakfast, porridge, Grace isn’t afraid to make her voice heard in order to help her listeners tune into what their bodies need to truly thrive.

Her route to Nutritional Therapy was a winding one. Having studied modern languages at Cambridge University, lived abroad in Greece and the Caribbean, it wasn’t until Grace’s own health suffered significantly that she found functional medicine and started her own healing journey. Having also been through IVF recently, and openly shared that journey with her followers, she’s now focusing her clinical practice on fertility and looks forward to taking 1-2-1 clients again after completing her masters degree.

Grace is also a passionate cold-water swimmer and encourages her followers and clients to spend as much time outdoors as possible. She relocated from London to Cornwall’s rugged North coast during the first lockdown, and shares her slow-living, ocean-loving lifestyle along with more health-focused content.

Grace is currently writing the book of the State of Mind podcast, a wellbeing manual taking inspiration from the many guests that have shared their wisdom and expertise. She hopes it will be a guide to help readers navigate 21st Century living, encouraging them to tap back into how their body feels, to become their own best doctors, and to cut through the noise of social media and the one-size-fits-all approach.


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