Jason Lewis.

Agent: Marc Simonsson

Jason Lewis, a vibrant and promising talent in the world of writing, is celebrated for his fresh and dynamic approach to storytelling, especially within comedy and drama. Recognized as a Broadcast Hotshot, his work on platforms like BBC, ITV, and MTV has set him apart, showcasing a commitment to narratives that offer new perspectives on reality and resonate with a diverse audience.

Jason’s portfolio features significant contributions to television, including co-writing “DEEP FAKE NEIGHBOUR WARS” for Tiger Aspect/ITV, developing the TV scripts “THE GROVE” and “A CUT ABOVE” for Vibrant Television/ITV, and the optioned comedy-drama “LEON BLACK.” His collaborative efforts extend to writers’ rooms for “THE SECOND COMING OF MATTHEW BARNES” and further work on “DEEP FAKE NEIGHBOUR WARS.”

His early achievements, like “SNIGGERS WITH ATTITUDE” for BBC Studios and “THE JASON LEWIS EXPERIENCE” for BBC3, alongside co-writing the acclaimed radio dramedy “KNOCK BACK” with Daniel Kaluuya for BBC 1XTRA, highlight his versatile talent. Additionally, his play “POVS FROM THE GROVE,” featured at the Camden Fringe Festival, and the award-winning one-man play “BLACK-O-RAMA,” underscore his ability to engage audiences with powerful storytelling.

As Jason continues to develop new projects, his unwavering dedication to crafting narratives that challenge and reflect our world is evident. His work aims not only to entertain but also to inspire dialogue and thought, promising to leave a significant mark on the industry and its audiences.

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