Kay Stonham.


Kay began her career as an actor, appearing in iconic comedies ‘The Young Ones,’ (BBC 1)‘ A Very Peculiar Practice’ (BBC 2) and Mike Leigh’s ‘Home Sweet Home.’ (BBC 2)

Her first writing experience was as a sketch writer on BBC Radio 4 topical show ‘Weekending.’


A recipient of the Titheridge Award for radio writing Kay went on to create three critically acclaimed original comedy series for Radio 4, ‘Audio Diaries,‘ ‘Robin and Wendy’s Wet Weekends,’ and most recently ‘Bad Salsa,’ a series that followed three women reclaiming their lives after cancer.


Kay has written for many award-winning radio and TV Sketch shows including ‘Dead Ringers’, ‘The Sunday Format.’ ‘Alas Smith and Jones,’ and Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression,’


She began writing for kid’s TV in 2003 on CBBC’s ‘Kerching,’ writing episodes on all four series. Episodes followed on ‘Girls in Love,’ ‘Grange Hill,’ ‘Dani’s House,’ ‘Shaun the Sheep,’ ‘Tee and Mo’ and ‘Millie Inbetween,’


Kay was a table writer on ‘My Family’ (BBC 1) and contributed material to Georgia Pritchett’s ‘Life of Riley.’


Kay gained an MA in Screenwriting for Film and Television in 2011 and has since taught scriptwriting at Bournemouth and Worcester Universities and at the London Film Academy.


She is currently developing a comedy drama about the plight of second wave feminists called ‘Sisterville’ with Helen Jacey, and an adaptation of the best-selling book ‘What Would Boudicca Do? With Catherine Williams.


After being commissioned to write many sit-com pilot scripts that didn’t get greenlit Kay was inspired with Abigail Burdess, to found Female Pilot Club to showcase out of option female written sit-com pilots. The club has featured work by Georgia Pritchett, Julie Bowker and Janice Hallett and attracted top comedy actors including Robert Webb, Amelia Bulmore, Jordan Stephens, Sindhu Vee, Steve Oram, Tracy Ann Oberman and Issy Suttie.

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