Lucy van Smit.



Lucy van Smit is an award-winning author, a screenwriter, and an artist who regrets selling off her best paintings to pay the rent. (Jeremy Clarkson owns two) After boy trouble, Lucy dropped out of Art School for a year, ran away to New York and dared herself to sell encyclopaedias door-to-door in America. She got her BA Hons in Fine Art, blagged a job in TV, travelled worldwide for NBC News, flew on Air Force One with President Reagan, got surrounded by tanks at Manila airport during a coup, before moving to the safer world of Canadian Broadcasting and made documentaries on writers like John Le Carre and Ian McEwan. Lucy is dyslexic with a MA Distinction in Creative Writing. THE HURTING won the inaugural Bath Children’s Novel Award and published by Chicken House Books in September 2018. One of six siblings, Lucy lives in London with her hubby, teenage son and a mad cat, known locally as Sid Vicious.

Accolades and awards

Winner of Bath Children’s Novel Award 2015
Shortlisted Caledonia Prize 2016
Longlisted for Mslexia Novel 2015

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