Sen Thackeray.


Agent: Marc Simonsson

Born and raised in Germany, Sen is a London-based Kurdish writer whose love of the English language began when she first moved to the UK at the age of 13. Since then, she’s been writing content as a way of exploring the language and creative expression.

In 2010, Sen was selected to participate in a writersroom that eventually led to creating and writing the third season of Eastenders E20. Her involvement included the development of characters and storylines as well as writing episode 12.

She studied Law at university while very much keeping her toes in writing and directing plays, and also joined the National Youth Theatre in 2012. After graduating, she pursued a corporate career and predominantly worked in agencies and publishers, helping craft narratives for various major global brands.

Now, Sen is back to writing for TV, with a particular drive and passion for creating authentic stories so others feel seen and heard.

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