Tayo Odesanya.

Director / Scriptwriter

Tayo Odesanya is a writer and director based in South London. Her work was first recognised in 2015, when the graduation film she wrote ‘Maya’ won the Bradford Student Widescreen Film of the Year award. It then went on to the Raindance Film Festival, London Short Film Festival in 2016 and after amassing over 10 nominations from festivals all over Maya won Best International Film at the London International Film Festival and then won Best Foreign Film at the El Dorado International Film Festival.

In 2016, Odesanya put on a directors cap when producing her first short documentary The Night Shift that went on to win Best Documentary Short at the Amsterdam Film Festival and was then screened at BAFTA in the Triforce Film Festival as well as the BFI after winning the Hiive short of the month competition. More recently Odesanya premiered her first animated short, ‘Wireless’, at BFI’s S.O.U.L: Celebrate Connect event. It has since won ‘Best Short under 5mins’ at the Rob Knox Film Festival.

Working in a variety of genres specialising in dramas, Tayo’s work tends to explore unconventional tales, close to home as well as overseas, with the hope to educate, entertain and inspire. She is currently working on a privately commissioned short and webseries.

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