Dead and Gone – Book 2 of the DCI Danny Flint series

by Trevor Negus
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: Nottinghamshire
  • Vibe: Once they were the predators. Now they are the prey.
  • Period: February 1986 – March 1986

Two bodies are discovered at different ends of the county. Both victims are men, and both have been tortured and mutilated. The murders have clearly been committed by the same deranged killer. At both scenes the walls are daubed with an identical series of letters and numbers, painted in the victims own blood.

DCI Danny Flint, now in charge of the newly formed Major Crime Investigation Unit, is tasked with finding the killer.

As the body count rises, Flint and his team understand they are up against a predator who will strike again and again. Its only when they decipher the sinister code left at the murder scenes that they realise they are in a race against time. If they lose the final victim will be one of their own…

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