Evil in Mind – Book 1 of the DCI Danny Flint Series

by Trevor Negus
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: Nottinghamshire
  • Vibe: Two evil men. One Deadly obsession
  • Period: March 1984 – April 1985

The county is in the grip of the strike called by the National Union of Mineworkers. Jimmy Wade is a coal miner. He first killed at the age of eleven and is pure evil. Mick Reynolds is a sergeant in the Metropolitan Police.

He’s trapped in a hateful marriage and has a pathological hatred of women.

When Reynolds is sent to Nottinghamshire to police the strike, his duties involve escorting Wade and other working miners into the mine.

Thrown together by circumstance and recognising each other’s murderous natures, they embark on a brutal killing spree. Using Wade’s natural cunning and Reynolds knowledge of forensics and police procedures, to evade capture.

The killers are pursued by Det Insp Flint who is desperate to find them before they strike again.

So begins a desperate game of cat and mouse all set against the backdrop of a bitter miners strike.

As he slowly closes in on the evil pair, Danny discovers that someone he cares about is now in mortal danger.

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