Genie and Teeny series (2 books)

Genie and Teeny series (2 books) - Book cover

Make a Wish (Book 1):

Meet Grant the genie, and his best friend, Teeny…

When Grant the Genie is cast out of Genie World, he lands on Earth with a big, fat bump! Without a lamp to call home, he has to settle for an old cracked teapot instead.

Grant is very lonely until he meets the puppy, Teeny. Then Genie and Teeny are kidnapped by the evil purple-loving Lavinia Lavender, and find themselves on-course for a rollercoaster of an adventure – when all they really want is a place to call home…

Wishful Thinking (Book 2):

Grant the Genie is happy living in the real world in a teapot with his best friend, the dog ,Teeny.

But keeping a genie a secret on Earth is harder than they’d both thought – especially when Grant wants to go to school with Teeny’s owner, Tilly.

Then Grant accidentally gives three wishes to the school’s bully and a whole heap of trouble ensues. Will they be able to make everyting right again? Or is that just wishful thinking?

Reading age: 5 and up

UK Publisher: HarperCollins

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