Kill for You – Book 5 of the DCI Danny Flint Series

by Trevor Negus
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: Nottinghamshire
  • Vibe: Two killers. A county under siege. Death by fire. Death by water.
  • Period: June 1987 – July 1987

The height of summer should be a time for relaxation, and plenty. But two killers are stalking the picturesque county of Nottinghamshire.

The first is a cunning pyromaniac, enthralled by fire. He likes to watch as his victims desperately try to escape the rising flames.

The other is a naturally strong, gentle giant who has been abused and ridiculed all his life. After receiving one insult too many, he’s now out to settle old scores, by drowning anyone who has ever wronged him, in the dark and deadly waters of the River Trent.

DCI Danny Flint and the MCIU are tasked with stopping the killers. If they faul, it will mean a long, hot summer of death.



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