Last Ones Left Alive

Last Ones Left Alive - Book cover
  • Vibe: The Road meets How I Live Now – a deeply unsettling coming of age / road novel.
  • Period: Unspecified future
An overgrown Irish country road. A young woman – a girl, really – skinny, dirty, desperate, with hair cut blunt and short and wraps around her hands, wheels a barrow. In it lies a woman, dying. Following them, paws clacking on the broken tarmac, is a scrappy looking dog. They’ll encounter burnt cottages, broken-down buildings, a ruined petrol-station, while the girl thinks back to her home, the beautiful but lonely island she is fleeing. The feeling is one of grime, decay and desperation – but amongst all this, hope, in the love the young woman has for the mother-figure she’s trying to save, and her dog, and the beautiful Irish landscape around her.
The novel is set almost entirely on this broken road, with flashbacks to the beautiful island and ramshackle cottage she grew up in.  

UK Publisher: Tinder Press

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