The Birthday Party (Book 4 of the Roone series)

The Birthday Party (Book 4 of the Roone series) - Book cover
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: The island of Roone, with opening and closing sequences in Australia and one storyline partly based in London. The start of summer, eighteen months after the Christmas storm on Roone. In Australia, Tilly is making plans for her third trip to Roone, and planning to propose to Andy, her long-distance boyfriend while she’s there, unaware that Eve, his ex, has discovered that she’s pregnant by him after a drunken episode. Hugh, Eve’s foster father, has recently died in his sleep, leaving Eve and her foster mother Imelda devastated.
  • Vibe: Island life as before, the approach of summer, locals gearing up for another busy season.
  • Period: June-August 2018

An Italian tourist turns up on Imelda’s doorstep, having arranged to rent a room in her and Hughs’ house months ago, which she had completely forgotten about. After trying and failing to find alternative accommodation for him, Imelda is left with no choice but to keep him.

Laura’s father Luke visits her out of the blue on Roone and tells her that he’s got a terminal diagnosis, and asks her not to tell her stepmother Susan. He is creative and temperamental: he and Laura have always had a troubled relationship. Laura’s mother walked out when Laura was young, and had little contact with her daughter afterwards.

Susan comes to Roone and tells Laura that she’s left Luke as she can’t take his lack of affection. She and Laura’s half brother Harry move to London.

Tilly feels frustrated when she and Andy rarely spend time alone together. Eve finally tells Andy of her pregancy; Tilly overhears and flees. She takes the first ferry out of Roone the following morning.

Eve is found not to be pregnant. No sex occurred between her and Andy – he simply walked her home after a party and put her to bed, and she was too drunk to remember. Her pregnancy was a phantom one.

Back in Australia, Tilly gets an email from Andy telling her the news, and breaking up with her as he doesn’t return her feelings.

Luke tracks down Susan and tells her of his disgnosis, and asks her to come back. They reconcile.

UK Publisher: Hachette Books Ireland

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