The Hunt for the Nightingale

The Hunt for the Nightingale - Book cover
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: Different parts of rural England.
  • Vibe: A love letter to the British countryside, this contemporary walking adventure explores loss in all its forms and asks how far we would go for the people we love.
  • Period: Contemporary.
9-year-old Jasper’s big sister Rosie is missing – and so is the nightingale they’ve listened to in the field behind their house since forever. His Dad said that Rosie has gone to a ‘Better Place’ and now – Jasper thinks he knows where that is.
Packing a small bag and armed with his Book of Birds, Jasper sets out on a walk across the British countryside in the hope of finding the nightingale that has been spotted at a motorway service station – and his sister with it.
Along the way, Jasper meets other children and grown-ups who have experienced loss in different ways – whether that is sight; the loss of a pet; or a parent that has moved far away. Jasper uses his skills to help them find their missing things and recover his bravery in the face of severe anxiety.
But not everything lost can be found in the same way…

UK Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's UK

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