Outside - Book cover
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Vibe: A thrilling psychological story set in a limited space, exploring themes of truth, family and storytelling, with a protagonist that will stay with you forever.
  • Period: Contemporary.

Fifteen-year-old Ele has been trapped in one room her whole life. Her world is a bowl; a tap; three books and the door. He comes through every seven days.

But then Ele finds a hole in the wall and the Outside world starts leaking in.

Unpicking what’s real and what’s imagined, Ele gathers her strength to overpower her captor and finally runs into the Outside world – a world she imagines to look like her fairytale books, with Princes, Dragons and trees.

Instead, Ele finds herself in a concrete shed belonging to a local boy and his father. Taking lessons from her fairy stories, Ele does her best to pretend she belongs in this strange place, as her new family struggle to contend with her odd behaviour.

But here’s the thing about the truth. It always finds a way to escape.

UK Publisher: Penguin

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