The Saviour at Night

by Cheon Seon-Ran
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: Seoul, South Korea
  • Vibe: Queer Vampire murder mystery set in a mental hospital near Seoul.
  • Period: Contemporary

A thrilling and dramatic enemies-to-lovers vampire love story which blends the strength and sincerity of TWILIGHT with the unapologetic, yet deep social commentary and queerness of STRANGER BY THE LAKE (2021, Alain Guiraudie) and even BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.


When a series of reported suicides at a mental hospital in on the outskirts of Seoul bring together an Wednesday Adams-esque young female detective and a middle-aged Buffy-esque vampire hunter, the pair form an unlikely bond and begin to discover the shocking reality behind the alleged suicides.


After the fourth ‘suicide’ the police are ready to close the case and blame the predictable consequences of living in isolation. However the lack of blood at any of the sites intrigues our unlikely pair of protagonists. After our young detective’s surrogate mother (who took her in when she came out) becomes the sixth reported suicide, the young detective doubles down on her investigation. At the same time, eager to find her long-lost vampire lover, our vampire hunter also strengthens her resolve. Together they track a similar spate of suicide incidents in the same hospital five years prior. Past and present are entwined in dramatic and compelling twists when the pair begin face the culprits.


THE SAVIOUR AT NIGHT offers a serial killer, vampires, queer outsiders and a lively Seoul setting. What’s not to like?


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