The Third Perspective – Africa Brooke

by Africa Brooke
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: Documentary filming a lá CATFISH (MTV) / LOUIS THEROUX
  • Vibe: A self-help guide: How to survive the culture wars, how to take care of yourself when the world is at rage, preferring outrage over discussion and hate over empathy. How do we express our right to disagree, or to be uncertain, without being judged as wrong or weak?
  • Period: Contemporary


The extraordinary Africa Brooke’s first book sold at auction in both the UK and US, with intense publisher interest. Africa Brooke’s fans range from Joe Rogan to people who spend hours thinking about how much they hate Joe Rogan. The right documentary series, presented by Africa Brooke, will capitalise on public thinking, by grabbing the option for a book which is set up to be a cultural sensation as large as Jordan Peterson’s 12 RULES FOR LIFE, but with a gap-bridging fanbase and readership that has proportionally more piercings and blue hair.

Africa Brooke, a Zimbabwaen born, British woman, can be the next generation’s Louis Thereoux, though with a more explicit programme for self-development in an age of increasing cultural conflict.

Africa Brooke’s audience enjoy her asking difficult questions, and seeking diverse responses: whether she is speaking with fans of BEN SHAPIRO, JOSEPH BIDEN CANDACE OWENS, CONTRAPOINTS, DONALD TRUMP, JFK JUNIOR or JUST STOP OIL.

Brooke is a heartfelt speaker, consultant, motivator and writer with a deeply engaged loyal and large fanbase and profile. She cares deeply, and sincerely about how to save and better our civilisation. The book will be called: THE THIRD PERSPECTIVE: BRAVE EXPRESSION IN AN AGE OF INTOLERANCE.

Brooke’s presence will only grow. This option and Africa herself is under hot approach already.

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