An Invitation to the Kennedys

Emily Hourican / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Hachette Books Ireland

Date Published

September 14th, 2023

Kathleen ‘Kick’ Kennedy, recently arrived from Boston, is already a huge hit in 1930s London society. As the daughter of the US ambassador, she is at the centre of the most elite social circles. But when she falls for a duke-in-waiting, she realises there are plenty of people who think she doesn’t belong.

Lady Brigid Guinness has no interest in love, marriage or society connections. But her brother-in-law Chips Channon has other ideas – and seems intent on pushing her towards a match with a dull German prince.

When Chips invites the Kennedys and a select group of friends and family to Kelvedon Hall, his country estate, Brigid and Kick discover that beneath the brittle facade of politeness, marriages are on the rocks, political intrigue abounds and nothing is really as it seems – all while the war in Europe grows closer by the day.

By the time their week in Essex has ended, both Kick and Brigid realise that their world is changing rapidly, and their hopes and plans for the future may have to change too . . .

Inspired by true-life events, An Invitation to the Kennedysis a spell-binding page-turner from the bestselling author of the Guinness Girls series.


'A breathtakingly glamorous and escapist read with all of the natural drama of two wealthy dynasties set against a backdrop of war. Hourican pitches her somber ending just right, and leaves us reflective and poised on the edge of much darkness yet to come.'

- The Irish Times

'One can only hope that Hourican continues to follow up on these stories, with characters she has wrested from the history books brought so vividly and gloriously back to life.'

- The Sunday Independent

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