Block Delete Move On

Lalalaletmeexplain / Non-Fiction

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UK Publisher

Bantam Press

Date Published

February 10th, 2022


Goldmann/Mosaik (Germany) Michel Lafon (France) Kosacik (Czech) Motyl (Slovakian) Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal (Polish) SNOWDROP (Ukraine)



Both on Instagram and on her fortnightly podcast, Lalalaletmeexplain delves into the highs and lows of modern-day dating to give raw and honest advice on topics that people are often too embarrassed or afraid to talk about, says the publisher. For 15 years she had a career as an extreme-trauma social worker, and she is a qualified sex and relationships educator who was employed by the NHS to give training in this field.

Block, Delete, Move On is billed as a “provocative book that empowers women to overcome the pitfalls of modern dating and help them to successfully navigate unsatisfactory relationships with a men”.

The synopsis explains: “Lala tackles serious themes in a lively, engaging way, coaxing her followers to confront any questionable behaviour by men in their lives or the ‘fuckboys’ they encounter while dating. The book will cover topics from rejection and ‘the ick’ to issues around boundaries and consent. Her most popular catchphrase is ‘Block, Delete, Move On’; she presses women to recognise their own acquiescence to unacceptable behaviour, and helps them to spot the red flags in their relationships.”

Helena Gonda, commissioning editor at Transworld, said: “I’m thrilled to be working with Lala to publish this timely and powerful book. Her mix of professional knowledge coupled with her openness about her own experiences has already gained her an army of loyal followers and I know this book will be an invaluable guide for so many. We couldn’t be prouder to welcome her to Transworld.”

Lalalaletmeexplain commented: “I am honoured and excited to have been given this opportunity by Transworld and Penguin Random House. I can’t wait to give women the guide that I wish I had had before I attempted to jump into the dating pool without learning how to swim. The dating pool is more like a sewer these days, but this book will be your armbands. It might not help you to find prince charming, but it will definitely help you to avoid his evil step-brother!”


If I could personally gift it to every young woman in the UK, I would

- Tracey Cox for The Daily Mail

In her book Block, Delete, Move On, published this month, Lala writes of her gratitude to those who fought for women’s right to enjoy sex – however and whenever they want – and her refusal to be judged on the number of people she has slept with.

- From an interview with Gaby Hinsliff for The Guardian

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