Economics: The User’s Guide

Ha-Joon Chang / Current Affairs / Non-Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Allen Lane/Penguin (WEL)

US Publisher

Bloomsbury USA

Date Published

May 1st, 2014


Nieuw Amsterdam (Dutch)
Bookie (Korean)
Toyo Keizai (Japanese)
Random House Mondadori/Debate (Spanish),Il Saggiatore (Italian)
Ars Longa (complex Chinese)
Krytyka Polityczna (Polish)
Editura Polirom SA (Romanian)
SAY (Turkish)
Compendia Das Letras (Portuguese
Into Kustannus (Finnish)
Clube Do Autor (Portuguese)
Ivanov and Ferber (Russian)
Beijing Immaginist Times (simplified Chinese)
Openworlds (Thai)
Nash Format (Ukrainian)
Solum Bokvennen (Norwegian)
Abideen (Malay)
Omega Books
Klim (Danish)
Madarat (Arabic)
Uzbek (Butikbooks)

From the international bestselling author, and one of the world’s most respected economists, comes an accessible guide to understanding economics.

Economics: The User’s Guide expertly takes readers through the history of economics, where all these theories come from, how (and if) they work, and what it all means for the 99%. Chang provides not just the tools for us to better understand our financial world, but also presents a vision for how economies can work for everyone, and not just the super-rich. From the Industrial Revolution to the Russian Revolution to capitalism and the “free market” as dogma to how we determine if an economy is healthy and the institutions created to measure this performance, Economics: The User’s Guide will be an engrossing and essential compendium of the forces shaping how people, nations, and global capitalism function.


You could use it as a primer, a reference book, a brief history; it is all these things, but isn't contained by them. It reflects the urgent generosity of a thinker whose depth of understanding is matched by a desire to see us all understand. Ha-Joon Chang is himself the walking disproof of the neoclassical individual, the perfectly rational, perfectly selfish consumer; his wealth is in his knowledge, perceptiveness, insight and vision. And he can't give it away fast enough. It flies off him like the seeds of a dandelion.

- The Guardian

Brilliant... Chang’s lightness of touch makes often dry subject matter very readable. The 2008 crash is mentioned again and again, to prove Chang’s point that the experts don’t always know best.

- John Sunyer, Financial Times

Economics for the 99 percent who don’t know moral hazard from opportunity cost: lively, intelligent and readily accessible.

- Kirkus

Chang writes with enough depth to provide insights for experts and enough breadth to reach the further shores of the discipline for the interested layman.

- New Statesman

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