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November 19th, 2019

2019 sees the publication of Endland, a comprehensive collection of Etchells’ short fiction exploring a distorted version of England. The new book is a considerable expansion of the first Endland Stories volume published in 1999, adding more than 20 new stories, many previously unpublished and developing Etchells’ scabrous, satirical reflections on a nation in various forms of decline.

Conjured in a mix of slang, pub anecdote, folktale and science fiction, Endland is the nightmare unfolding just outside the window – a glitchy parade of aging bikers and ghost children, cut-price assassins and witless wannabe celebs.

The world fashioned by Thatcher, Google, NATO, ICANN, Brexit, Big Brother, Bin Laden and Trump needs new narratives to make sense of it. In Endland, with feverish wit and a broken compass, Etchells unpicks the myths and strange realities we’re caught up in.


I respect this book – but I never want to read it again.

- Jarvis Cocker

It’s a cracklingly original voice, and the stories are very funny.

- The Guardian

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