Gate to Kagoshima

Poppy Kuroki

Book cover

UK Publisher

Magpie, Oneworld

Date Published

June 1st, 2024


Eskmo (Russia)

They lay… Her heart torn to ribbons. How would she ever let him go now? 2005: While researching her Japanese ancestors, Isla travels from Scotland to Kagoshima. There, a vicious typhoon and a strange white gate in a deserted shrine tumbles Isla back to 1877 and the dawn of the Satsuma Rebellion, the conflict that heralded the end of the samurai. Keiichirō Maeda, a samurai with eyes that promise the world, introduces Isla to a way of life only previously encountered in books, and Isla begins to wonder if she has found her true home. But as the samurai muster against what she knows will be a futile battle and the end of everything they hold dear, Isla is increasingly anxious. Should she tell the man she now loves what history has taught will happen to the samurai, or should she let Keiichirō die the glorious death he so believes in, proud to the end that he remained a faithful warrior? And if that does happen, can Isla ever find her way back to her modern-day life in the Highlands? Only time can tell…


"Fun, romantic and heartbreaking. Serious Outlander vibes with a fresh new twist."

- Pim Wangtechawat, author of The Moon Represents my Heart

"Refreshingly original. The author clearly has a great love of the [Japanese] culture, both past and present, something that shines through in the richness of her writing... A stunning debut."

- Jason Ayres, author of The Time Bubble series

"A terrific ‘what if’ time-travel novel with an intriguing historical element, epic battles, and a dash of romance."

- Adrian Cousins, author of The Jason Apley series

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