Book cover

UK Publisher

Mulcahy Books

Date Published

November 27th, 2015

When rock journalist Nina Vincent witnesses the murder of John Lennon, she has two choices: forget about it, or write about it.

Thirty years on, the glamorous harpy is The Worst Lady of Fleet Street, with an estranged husband, a psychologically compromised son, and not one but two married lovers. Her best friend is a weary police detective, and her prominent divorce barrister is obsessed with her. To top it all, she works for the editor from hell. Life is complicated, to say the least.

Then an A-list rocker is found dead in Los Angeles – the first in a series of rock-star murders around the world, all hallmarked by identical mutilations. The victims have something else in common: their relationships with Nina. Has her colourful past caught up with her at last?

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