Is the Vicar in, Pet?

Barbara Fox / Memoir / Non-Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Sphere (World Rights)

Date Published

May 22nd, 2014

In the heart of Ashington – a bustling Geordie mining town – a handsome red-brick vicarage, surrounded by rambling gardens, stands proudly among the rows of terraced houses. It is the perfect place for playing games, keeping secrets and chasing the ghosts of previous occupants, and it will be nine-year-old Barbara’s new home now that her father is to be vicar in this strange new place.

In this charming memoir, Barbara Fox recalls a childhood where parishioners knocked on the door at all hours of the day and night, and where no one batted an eye at the collection of waifs and strays who regularly joined the family at the kitchen table. This is a warm-hearted, classic tale of family, community and the unforgettable thrill of childhood adventure.


A gentle story of a cosy, secure childhood among a community whose hearts were as warm as the coal fires that burned in their hearths.

- Daily Mail

If only all memories were made of this.

- The Northern Echo

A charming book with gentle humour; wonderfully descriptive.

- Cynthia Bishop, The Diocese of Newcastle

An easy read. Women will identify with Barbara’s swooning over long-haired chaps in the church choir, fantasising about film stars and romance, and joining in competitive handstands and skipping-games. Oh, for the life of a nine-year-old... Good light entertainment.

- The Church Times

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