It Wasn’t Me!

Marta Altés / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher

Macmillan Children's Books

Date Published

July 13th, 2023

Hilarious, heartwarming and full of charm, It Wasn’t Me! is a fun and reassuring tale of friendship, falling out and forgiveness from CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal nominee and BookTrust Time to Read favourite, Marta Altés.

Meet Ellis and Charlie: two friends, living happily on their very own island. Everything they do, they do together, and everything they have, they share. Until, that is, things start to go missing . . .
NOBODY is owning up and NOBODY is happy about it. But if it isn’t Ellis and it isn’t Charlie, then WHO IS IT?

A hilarious and heartwarming tale that shows that even the firmest of friends sometimes fall out – but not, usually, for very long!

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