Mazi: Modern Greek Food

Food & Drink / Non-Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Mitchell Beazley

US Publisher


Date Published

March 8th, 2018


DK (German)

MAZI – μаζί
TOGETHER – [tuh-geth-er] – adverb Gathering, company, mass, combination, mixture

In MAZI, Christina and Adrien introduce authentic Greek flavours with their own innovative twist. Placing a strong emphasis on sharing a feast of small dishes, they introduce tapas style recipes exploding with flavour, yet relying only on the finest fresh ingredients and simple techniques to achieve the best results.

Recipes featured in the book include Courgette Cakes with Cucumber and Mint Dip, Imam Bayildi Aubergines with Stilton; Braised Pork Cheeks

with Globe and Jerusalem Artichokes; King Prawn Saganaki with Ouzo and Metsovone; and Giouvetsi with Braised Osso Buco.

Greek food is best known for its savoury recipes but at MAZI, Christina and Adrien make sure
to showcase the sweet side of their cuisine and bring Greek desserts to the attention of the world. Recipes include Pistachio and Mastiha Parfait; Date and Meringue Tourta; and Tsoureki Fondant with Greek Coffee Ice Cream.


Tastes that are blissfully new

- Independent

Their hearty recipes to share blend the traditional and the new.

- Sunday Times

This is a new look for Greek food: effortlessly edgy and completely delicious.

- Waitrose Food

A feast for the senses, exploring the diversity of this traditional cuisine

- The Lady

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