Nevertheless She Persisted

Jon Walter / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher

David Fickling Books

Date Published

September 6th, 2018


Bastei Lübbe (German)

Clara and Nancy, two sisters working in Holloway Prison in 1913, find themselves face-to-face with imprisoned suffragettes: women fighting for the same freedoms they want for themselves. Soon Nancy is drawn to one inmate in particular – the enigmatic `Duchess’ – and decides to follow her into the fight. But Clara is torn by the very laws her sister has chosen to try to change. She’s fallen in love, and yet marriage would mean giving up the job she loves, and losing her independence forever. How can she possibly choose between the two sides of her heart and not lose a part of herself?


A tour de force and a must read for all young women, telling them of the courage and conviction of those women who fought for their vote, and ultimately the lives they can lead now.

- Books for Keeps magazine

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