Paint & Make: Decorative and eco ways to transform your home

Philippa Stockley / Non-Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Pimpernel Press

Date Published

May 18th, 2023

When writer and artist Philippa Stockley bought her tiny Georgian house at auction, it needed just about everything doing to it, but, as with most people these days, money was tight. So, all the things she could tackle herself she did. And found that not only did this save money, it meant she could also control the pace of work and what materials were being used and help save the planet by saying no to needless plastics, aggressive chemicals and unnecessary waste.

Philippa shares projects from her own house to inspire you to create something in yours – whether replicating exactly or perhaps interpreting in your own way. The sixteen projects in this book, described and illustrated step by step, range from painting – panels, murals and floor coverings – through simple carpentry, to sewing and bottling, whether for yourself or as a gift. They vary in style from historically inspired to contemporary, and in complexity from beginner level to relatively advanced.

From this book you will learn how to create and make in your own home. As Philippa says, ‘making stuff is magical.’

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