Sing, Wild Bird, Sing

Jacqueline O’Mahony / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Lake Union Publishing

Date Published

August 1st, 2023


Diogenes Verlag (German)

A courageous woman journeys from nineteenth-century Ireland to the American West in a powerful novel about the indomitable will to survive―and to flourish―against nearly impossible odds.

It’s 1849 on the west coast of Ireland. Resilient Honora O’Donoghue is accustomed to fending for herself and to reading the language of the natural world. It was always said she’d been marked for something different, but it’s not until she suffers devastating losses in a country gripped by the Famine that Honora begins to understand how that difference will save her. With the hope of a better life in America calling, Honora keeps moving toward her freedom.

Across the Atlantic, she’s unfamiliar with the customs, jobs are scarce, and she has no money. She finds only one new friend, and Honora’s desperation is a state to be taken advantage of. Even the prospect of marriage is not without its conditions―and far from the dream she imagines. With so much disappointment and heartbreak in her past, Honora must decide what kind of life she wants, and what she’s prepared to do to get it.


A novel that proves consistently engaging and unpredictable.

- The Sunday Times (Book of the Month Selection)

A powerful novel, marked by the strength of Honora’s will to survive

- The Times

Ambitious and impressive and very readable novel

- The Irish Times

With 40,000 downloads of her book within the first five days of publication, [the author] has clearly tapped into a story that resonates

- The Cork Echo

Breathtaking in its scope… I would read more from Jacqueline O’Mahony any time

- Historical Novel Society

A wondrous read

- The Irish Independent

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