The Colour Of A Dog Running Away


Book cover

UK Publisher

Parthian Books

Date Published

March 11th, 2008


Roca (Spanish)
Quetzal (Portuguese)
Neri Pozza (Italian)
AST (Russian)
Acik Defter (Turkish)

Set in the bohemian under-belly of Barcelona, this novel skilfully combines an urban thriller and a Gothic historical drama focusing on Catharism, a 13th-Century historical sect. Musician and translator Lucas has reformed his nomadic ways to settle in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Intrigued by some cryptic instructions on the back of an anonymous postcars, Lucas finds himself compelled into a love affair with the sophisticated Nuria. But his attraction is obsessive and vunerable in turns: can we trust this man’s version of the story?


The best novel of the year.

- The Bookseller

Clever, stylish and supremely entertaining... this novel offers a feast of sophisticated pleasures and a taste of deeper passions too.

- Independent

This is an excellent read. It is cleverly written, dark and funny.

- Scotsman 6th June 2005

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