The Devil’s Triangle


Book cover

UK Publisher

Simon & Schuster Children's Books (World Rights)

Date Published

March 31st, 2011

Sam and Niamh’s mother, Clare, disappeared off the coast of Florida when the twins were just five years old. Nine years later Clare’s whereabouts is still a mystery to the Cutler family and the twins father, Matt, is sure that Clare was caught up in the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. Every year the family spend their summer holiday in the Florida Keys as Matt continues to hunt for the truth. This year Sam has been allowed to bring his friend Callum, and he’s sure that the summer is going to fly by. But when the boys steal Matt’s boat to go fishing they are swept into the eye of a ferocious storm, having to fight for their lives. When the storm subsides Sam and Callum find themselves stranded on a strange island populated by weird and ferocious lizard-creatures – where exactly are they? Could they be in the same place as Sam’s mother? Meanwhile, Niamh and Matt are frantically searching for the boys. And when the police arrest Matt under suspicion of murder, Niamh goes on the run to try and clear her father’s name and discover the truth about the boys’ disappearance. She’s convinced that they are alive somewhere, if only she could reach them…


The Devil’s Triangle is a wild thrill ride, the perfect blend of science fiction and adventure.

- Andy Briggs, Author of &

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