The Promise Witch (The Wild Magic Trilogy, Book Three)

Celine Kiernan / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher

Walker Books Ltd

Date Published

June 4th, 2020

In the third book in The Wild Magic Trilogy, Witches Borough is dying, and no one knows how to save it. Into this scorched landscape, storms a raggedy witch named Magda, trailing ashes in her wake. She wants Mup. She wants Mup to fulfil a promise. And woe betide any who stand in her way.


There is so much colour; so much life and vibrance in The Promise Witch...the perfect ending to a perfect trilogy. A gloriously woven spell. Just read it....

- *Fallen Star Stories Blog*

Celine Kiernan's Wild Magic books are much loved by readers who like fantasy stories with a dark, witchy twist. In this instalment, book three in the trilogy, brave young witch Mup returns, along with best friend Crow, who still speaks in rhyme. Danger is all around in Witches Borough. Mup's evil grandmother, the old Queen expelled from the castle in book one, is still lurking, and Magda, a "raggedy witch" storms into Mup's world demanding that Mup fulfil a promise. Start with the first book, Begone the Raggedy Witches and lose yourself in this exciting, beautifully
written trilogy.

- The Irish Independent

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