The Spare Bedroom

Elizabeth Neep / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher


Date Published

May 1st, 2020

**Listed Today**: Fun and friendly professional just arrived from London seeks room in central location, double bed preferred, ex-boyfriend optional extra.

Armed with a super-sized backpack full of optimism, Jess sets off in search of sun, sea and a much-needed new beginning.

Things don’t get off to a good start.

Instead of sunshine, she’s met with torrential rain. Her job prospects are as dismal as the weather and that friend-of-a-friend she was meant to stay with has fallen through. Just as Jess is homeless, jobless and wishing she’d gone for the waterproof mascara, she runs into the last person she expected to see. Sam. The ex she never got over. Jess always believed that one day fate would bring them back together. Now he’s here, more gorgeous than ever.

Before she knows it, Jess is accepting Sam’s offer to stay in his spare room. But while she may have been less than truthful about the mess she’s in, there is also one rather important thing Sam has neglected to mention.

Suddenly Jess isn’t just living with her ex, but with his new girlfriend too. All of that baggage she thought she left behind may have caught up with her…

A touching, funny and uplifting look at how finding and losing love can lead you to discover yourself along the way. Fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Sophie Kinsella and classic rom coms like My Best Friend’s Wedding will love Elizabeth Neep’s wit and warmth.


A magical romcom with a difference … It truly had something special. I mean this story had it all going on and had a real taste of Bridget Jones.

- Goodreads Reviewer

I freaking loved it … I can't say enough good things … It's a standout book.

- Amy’s Booklet List

I had a blast with this one … I can honestly relate to the main protagonist of the story … I recommend it to all rom com fans.

- The Diary of a Young Book Reviewer

I absolutely LOVED reading it! It's perfectly witty and I love how engaging Jess’s character is.

- Tola Fisher, author of Still Standing

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