This is My Sea

Miriam Mulcahy / Memoir

Book cover

UK Publisher

Eriu (Bonnier Ireland)

Date Published

August 24th, 2023

The Number 1 Irish Bestseller

Over the course of seven difficult years Miriam Mulcahy lost her mother, father and sister, each grief threatening to drown her. But instead of going under she discovered the lessons of the sea, letting the water teach her how to get through anything in life: one breath builds on another, another stroke, another kick and you will get home.

THIS IS MY SEA takes our greatest fear, death, and wraps it up in language so fine and beautiful that the reader is carried along and comforted by how completely lost Miriam was and how she found solace in all the things that sustained her: books, music, art, friends, love, swimming, and of course the sea.

For fans of The Salt Path by Raynor Winn and I Found my Tribe by Ruth Fitzmaurice.


Lyrical, powerful and impactful

- Irish Examiner

Prose written with the pen of a poet

- Desmond Morris, author of The Naked Ape

Full of wisdom and poetry and epic emotion, This is My Sea explores grief, memory and loss through vivid words and striking imagery. It echoes lost summers and the beauty of life, like a shell held to the ear

- Ed O'Loughlin, author of The Last Good Funeral of the Year

For sea swimmers, those who have lost someone or simply lovers of beautiful prose, This is My Sea will find you looking out to the water with clearer purpose

- Business Post

A beautiful book on grief and recovery

- Louise Kennedy, author of Trespasses

This is My Sea is an emotional and commanding book packed with poignant stories of family and love, of pain and fear, of grief and suffering. It is also a beautifully written, heartfelt expression of courage and hope, an extraordinarily uplifting book about life and living it to the fullest


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