Clare Corbett returns to Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre in this year’s productions of ‘Twelfth Night’ and ‘Hamlet’.

Clare Corbett is currently delighting audiences at York’s favourite summer pop-up theatre, Shakespeare’s Rose. This year’s repertoire of plays includes, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Twelfth Night’, for which Clare is doubling as Horatio and Feste. For full reviews of these wonderful performances, follow the links below. The season runs until 1st September.


“There is superb physical clowning from Clare Corbett’s Chaplin-inspired Feste”- James Ballands for British Theatre Guide- Full Review

★★★★★ “Twelfth Night – Nuanced Joy In York Clare Corbett’s Feste – the ‘fool’ of the piece – was seamless and it is credit to her learning powers that she also doubles up as Horatio in Hamlet every few days”- Phil Hopkins for The Yorkshire Times- Full Review

★★★★★ “As Feste Clare Corbett, a bowler-hatted 1920s clown, chips and quips and goes into her tap at every opportunity…A uniformly excellent cast clearly having fun, brightly imaginative designs, music and songs that strike the perfect balance between Shakespeare’s original and the 1920s – what more could you ask for?”- Ron Simpson for The Reviews Hub- Full Review 

★★★★★”Corbett’s ducking and diving clown Feste and Rina Mahoney’s meddlesome lady-in-waiting Maria are top notch too”- Charles Hutchinson for York Press- Full Review


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